The Old English Epic Of Beowulf Essay

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The Old English epic of Beowulf translated by Seamus Heaney relays the tales of the heroic Geat, Beowulf, during his lifetime. This Anglo-Saxon poem has become a large part of many upper level educational curriculums for many elaborate reasons, primarily revolving around the actions of the fearless Beowulf. This selfless hero is constantly praised and recognized for his bravery. The Dane goes out of his way to ensure the safety of others and cares more about the preservation of the honor of chain-mail shirt before he worries about himself. Based off of the title, it is very common for someone to just assume the poem with weird spacing revolves around Beowulf. It is true that the hero is a big part of the poem, there are many other striking themes that a reader might miss if not reading intensely. While the epic primarily focusses on the heroic actions of Beowulf himself, there are many other important aspects of the novel that can easily be missed if one is not reading closely. When reading, it may be common for someone to just scan the lines and only focus on big picture. This can cause someone to entirely miss out on the importance formatting and specific word choice that are so heavily studied. For example, the importance of the literary devices alliteration and kennings reoccur throughout the three thousand one hundred and eighty-two lines. Since this poem was clearly not written in todays century, these formal devices of poetry help readers of present-day better…

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