The Old Age Essays

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People have to go through various stages in life from birth until they reach an old age. In past years most people have been changing their ideology to the word "old age". Elderly experience changes in some aspects of their lives for instance elderly start presenting physical changes because of the decline in the normal functioning of the body such as vision, poor mobility, hearing, and memory. Their socio-economic status also affects the individual’s way of life due to change of a salary or lack of a pension, which led to economic dependency on a relative. Elderlies also feel low self –worth due to the loss of earning power and social recognition. A large social problem is ageism the discrimination based on a person 's age, particularly seniors. Many elderlies suffer discrimination in some point of their old age. To understand a little more these aspects I had the privilege to interview my adorable neighbor. She has 75 years old. She’s a strong woman who usually doesn’t know how to express her feelings. She is most of the time in a negative mood, but she still has a smile in her face, which sometimes make her look friendly. She has white hair and many wrinkles on her face, which is a normal characteristic for her age. However, she maintains herself in a good shape because she is under a strict diet since she suffers from diabetes and high blood pressure. She was born in Guatemala and had to immigrate to US because all her daughters made their lives here. I will be sharing…

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