The Occupy Movement By Judith Butler Essay

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The Occupy Movement according to
Wendy brown, Harvey, Hammond, Judith Butler and WOULD SAY THE occupy movement began with the inspiration of the Arab spring and the Obama autumn as neoliberal deregulation that promises each man for himself but makes it difficult for 99 percent of American to participate in the American Dream due bank bailouts and accumulation by distribution which caused many people to lose their homes, (one of the major wealth building assets). Accompanied by a recession and stagnant wages, rampant unemployment and lost pensions authors in the text reading felt financial losses accompanied by the world events of Arab Spring and Obama Autumn caused the poor and middle class to develop a transformational common conscious and come together to let neo -liberal policy makers know they were not going to take it anymore. Thus the emergence of the Occupy Movement. As there each man for himself policies left most Americans unable to

In Text reading “for and against Procarity” Author Judith Butler, states that in the face of feeling like a population deemed deposable by neo=liberals when people amass in the street to protest Butler says what is clear is people are saying “they are here, their situation is shared, or even in silence, bodies in the street proclaim they have a set of negotiable demands, as the direct action of the Occupy movement suggest. In addition, bodies in the street, Butler says Justice is still being enacted and the…

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