The Objections Of Women 's Suffrage Essay

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Objections to Woman Suffrage
Women’s suffrage was one the largest reform movements and this movement brought a lot of change for women and everyone in America. Women for many years faced so many obstacles from inequality. They were faced with restrictions in labor, they were unable to have certain occupations, and they were also unable to vote. There were many objections to women’s suffrage, however, women and their accomplishments and integrity answered and gave the reasoning behind them all. In other countries, women suffrage brought good healthy change to their country. The change was such a great transformation that some countries allowed women the right to vote. This change resulted in some cities of Wyoming, Colorado and Utah granting that women have the right to vote. In conclusion, the analysis of women’s suffrage in the late nineteenth century reveals that women were faced with many challenges most importantly, the inability to vote.
According to Henry B. Blackwell, the “Objections to Woman Suffrage Answered”, was that only bad and ignorant women would vote. Based on the experience from the School Suffrage, proves that women that voted were intelligent and educated. Most women in the early nineteenth century went to institutions to have more and better occupations in America. There were great women looking for a change such as Anna Howard Shaw, a social worker from Boston who led the National American Woman Suffrage Association, alongside Carrie Chapman Catt, a…

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