The Nuclear Of Nuclear Weapons Essay

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The Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT) is a treaty signed by one hundred and ninety states used to slow down the spread of a large number of nuclear weapons while promoting the use of nuclear technologies in peaceful ways such as energy. Its purpose is to keep nuclear technology in “Nuclear States” or trusted countries until a long-term goal of total disbarment can be reached. Even though it tries to bring about nuclear disarmament the NPT is a threat to the modern world. It is currently speculated that the United States has the most stockpiled Nuclear weapons with Russia being a close second. Each of these countries have over a thousand known stockpiled nuclear weapons with the next closest state having just a few hundred. Countries with fewer nuclear weapons live in fear since they are greatly out armed if nuclear war broke out. Because of the NPT, nuclear weapons are slowly being misappropriated into the hands of a few countries which creates a great power divide. This divide in power due to nuclear proliferation is a growing threat to the modern world where nobody knows who will fire the first shot but the constant state of fear will keep countries armed and ready, the opposite of what the NPT hopes to accomplish.
In the summer of 1945 the United States of America tested the very first nuclear device in Alamogordo, New Mexico. This created a problem for the international community. How do you restrain an atoms destructive effects while still being able to use…

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