The Novel ' Wuthering Heights ' Essay

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A castle, a curious heroine, and a tragic love story are just three of the things that help create a gothic novel. When reading the novel, Wuthering Heights, it is extremely evident that the novel carries gothic themes and those themes are the true pillars of the novel itself. When people first hear the word “gothicism” many quickly jump to the conclusion that the gothicism genre is just something dark, or just something evil, and lastly just something supernatural, however, in all actuality gothicism is just a form romanticism to the most extreme form. With that in mind the underlying themes of decay in the landscape and human life, the revenge that drives Heathcliff, and the dark love that Heathcliff holds for Catherine are just three of the the gothic elements that move Bronte’s plot forward and truly help make the novel a great gothic novel. In order to find the first sign of decay one must not look far, the very first hint at decay and gothicism is within the novel’s name, Wuthering Heights. Even before someone begins reading the novel it is evident that Bronte wants to make sure that the readers are aware that the novel will possess gothic elements simply by its name, especially because wuthering is just another synonym for decay. One of the most overlooked literary devices would have to be setting and landscape, however, it is important to realize that setting is one of the most important literary devices especially in gothic novels such as Wuthering Heights. Within…

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