The Novel ' The Doomsday Book ' By Connie Willis Essay

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During the Fourteenth century, large percentages of populations in Europe were wiped out within a span of seven years due to the epidemic known as the Black Death. The Doomsday Book, written by Connie Willis, illustrates a collection of experiences and reactions of multiple characters during this time of widespread outbreak. The characters Agnes, Father Roche, and Imeye all reveal different viewpoint and thoughts of the plague during this time period.
The Black death was a major historical phenomenon that originated from inner Asia during the fourteenth century. This plague was caused by “bubonic, pneumonic, and septicaemic plague strains” (Tignor et al. 3e, 412). The primary account for its course of spread originates in the climate changes in central Asia, where the drying up of the lands in which the bubonic plague prevailed forced the infected rodents and people to relocate (Tignor et al. 3e, 412). To be specific, “the rodents, mainly rats, carried the plague bacilli that caused the disease” (Tignor et al. 3e, 413). These creatures and people migrated to lands nearby settled agricultural communities, where the contamination first began. However, this disease contaminate and spread to the rest of Afro-Eurasia until the Mongols’ network came into the picture (Tignor et al. 3e, 413). Once these creatures arrived on new land and came in contact with the healthy populations, an astonish loss of life and high death rates immediately occurred that ranged from twenty five to…

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