Essay on The Novel ' Dracula ' By Bram Stoker

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The novel, Dracula, by Bram Stoker was written in the Victorian Era focusing on the ideals of that time. One of the ideals that the novel focused on was the ideal of the Victorian woman. An ideal Victorian woman is pure, chase, submissive, and not a sexualized character. Bram Stoker thinks that women should follow the Victorian ideas of purity, chastity, and submission characterized through the three female vampires, Lucy Westenra, and Mina Harker.
Jonathan Harker met the three female vampires in Count Dracula’s castle. The vampires were describes as sexualized characters. In Victorian society women should be pure and innocent, yet the vampires were flirtatious and promiscuous. The three female vampires tried to seduce him and drink his blood. Jonathan anticipated and wanted it, he said “I closed my eyes in languorous ecstasy and wait – waited with a beating heart” he was not used to the women taking action and he wanted to experience it for himself (Stoker 49). After the incident, Jonathan realized the women were vampires and said “I am alone in the castle with those awful women. Faugh! Mina is a woman, and there is naught in common. They are devils of the Pit!” (Stoker 66). Jonathan compares the women with Mina, who is his fiancée and is seen as the ideal Victorian woman, and makes them out to be the complete opposite of her. The female vampires were not women but the devils because a woman should not be that immoral or sexualized.
Lucy Westenra was the friend of Mina…

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