Essay The Novel ' Coventry ' By Helen Humphreys

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In Coventry by Helen Humphreys and Days of Significance by Roy Williams, many sexual and encounters occur. The text prove time and time again that war negatively effects these sexual occurrences. In support of these two texts two films, Overlord and Brothers, and two other texts, Execution by Colin McDougall, and Sand Queen by Helen Benedict show how war can negatively effect sexual encounters. In all of these mediums the sexual interactions it is either rushed, women and once a man are treated awfully, it once is prevented and it almost causes death. War in these sources is the cause to these negative sexual interactions. In these sources in times of war sex loses its importance and turns into a casual interaction as well as being prevented or even dangerous, all the while objectifying females and once a male. To begin, in Coventry by Humphreys, there are two sexual encounters. The first with her husband is special and the second with Jeremy is not. To start off, Harriet and her husband had a lovely sexual encounter before anyone realized the first war would last for a long time. The night before Harriet’s husband went off for war the two had a final goodbye sexual encounter. It was so special that Harriet decided to give him a moment of their time together that night, “She had slipped a pair of her panties in this morning … those panties he had struggled so hard to take off her last night” (Humphreys 13). When her husband was joining the war everyone was commenting that…

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