Essay on The Novel 1984 By George Orwell

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The novel 1984, written by George Orwell, represents a precise delineation of people who are under direct and interminable watch. Each and every move that is made is meticulously observed. Michael Yeo establishes the suggestion that “Essentially, surveillance in the novel is a monitoring or policing function” (55). There was, indeed, no way to distinguish whether you were being inspected at any appointed period. It is evident that, under no circumstances, the slightest gestures could give you away. The idea of being under surveillance lead to dismay due to the attentive and watchful eyes of the telescreens. It is specified that “The totalitarian Party rules Oceania with it’s iron fist, monitoring its citizens day and night” (“The Plot”). The proles were thought to be mindless, but there was no escape for the people. It is conspicuous that the populace was continually being scrutinized, as well as examined. It is despairing to disclose the idea that “Oceanians are used to living in a constant state of surveillance – either through technology or police patrol” (“1984 Technology and Modernization Quotes”). It is coherent that a constituents’ every move was persistently being tracked by the Party. Although the telescreens represent an immense portion of the surveillance, and technological usage, hidden microphones also monitor the interactions of the people. In addition to the operation of technology, the police also patrol the everyday lives of citizens.
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