The Norse Creation Myth And The Creation Of The World Essay

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According to Terrence W. Tilley in his book Faith “A myth is a story the sets up the word . . . . [They] are the fundamental stories that articulate the contours of the world we inhabit” (76). Myths help us understand the world in which we live in and express the values of a culture. When most Christians think of the beginning of time, they refer to the Book Of Genesis. However, creation myths arise from cultures all around the world. For example, The Norse creation myth is told from the perspective of Icelandic Vikings. Both the Book of Genesis and Norse myths establish the creation of the world, but they also have numerous differing characteristics. The story of the Norse creation myth is found in the Younger Edda, also known as the Snorre’s Edda or the Prose Edda. The myth was passed down orally from generation to generation and composed by Snorri Sturluson, an the Icelandic historian in 1220 C.E. David Adams Learning who wrote A Dictionary of Creation Myths states that the story began when King Gylfi learned about the Aeir, the gods who live in Asgard or Valhalla and “disguised himself as an old man, decided to call himself Ganglier, and made his way to Valhalla. There he met the High One, who answered his various questions about the world and its origins” (133). King Gylfi learned that the origin of the world started with two places; the icy northern land of Niflhei and the fiery south land of Misspell. In between the two lands was a deep pit of emptiness…

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