Essay on The Nobel Peace Prize : Luminosity Or Obscurity

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The Nobel Peace Prize: Luminosity or Obscurity

Peace is more than just the absence of war, people all over the world desire peace, the right to voice their own opinions, and live free within their own country. There are many people throughout the world that continue to advocate for peace in one way or another. Albeit, the world is far from a peaceful place yet, they still try. The compassion and commitment shown for these causes is outstanding. When considering the Nobel Peace Prize, it maintains its value as evidenced by the many notable people and organizations to whom it is awarded. The Nobel Peace Prize is arguably the most prestigious prize awarded for the promotion of peace. The newspaper article ‘Losing its Lustre’ by The Economist, suggests that in recent years the definition of peace has become too broad and somehow compromised the integrity of the prize, awarding it to some unworthy people. This is demonstrated by providing examples of winner’s that they have deemed to be unworthy such as Mahammad Yunus, and the Grameen Bank. Another example they refer to is bravery as a characteristic that is lacking in today’s winners much like Wangari Maathai, who has won for the planting of thousands of trees in Africa, and was inspirational in helping to bring about peace in her homeland. Even rock stars and a Buddhist Monk all have been considered for the shortlist. They believe that these people are undeserving of the prize because they have done little to actually…

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