The, No Longer Have A Monopoly On Genetically Engineered Humans

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Technology has come a long way in the last couple of decades. Technology went from horse drawn carriages to cars that park themselves. From sending letters that took days, weeks, even months to deliver to iPhones that can send and receive messages in seconds, no matter where the person is located on the globe. Technology is a wonderful thing that has helped in many ways, but recently technology has taken on a whole new spectrum. Not only can people communicate from all around the globe, but they will soon be able to genetically modify their unborn children. “Sci-fi novels and films, like Gattaca, no longer have a monopoly on genetically engineered humans. Real research scripts about editing the human genome are now appearing in scientific and medical journals, but the reviews are mixed” (Saey, 2015). Although, it is considered the moral thing to do in books, it must not be done in the real world because it is not right, it could create a gap in society, and this practice is not perfect.
It is not morally right to change the way a child is supposed to look. By changing the way the babies look, it shows that the parents are not having the children for the right reasons. Yes, the use of genetic engineering can help children by fixing defects and diseases, which is helpful, but it can also be used to just modify, already fine, babies (Regalado, 2015). This is not right to do. They are afraid the baby will come out unpleasant or not up to their standards so, to avoid…

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