The Nineteenth Century Essay example

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The nineteenth century’s main focus in education was to make it uniform. In the early 1840s and 1850s there was a Common School Movement which expanded public education to accommodate the waves of immigration. In order to give Americans equal educational opportunities, it was made that all children have access to schools that offer high, similar quality. To maintain that similar equality, it was required schools to use either identical or similar textbooks which would equate to the content standards used in the nineteenth century.
In the nineteenth century, college admissions molded the content standards and achievement levels that were taught in high school. This caused the Committee of Ten to be established in 1892 by the National Educational Association to make recommendations to improve the curriculum standards for American high schools. The Committee of Ten established 5 subjects- English, Mathematics, History, Science, and Foreign Language- as prerequisites for college entry. College Board was created for college entrance exams which has influenced the high school curriculum as well (Lee). In 1918 the Commission on Reorganization of Secondary Education (CRSE) was formed. It branched off from the academic emphasis placed by the Committee of Ten and College Board, instead emphasizing utility and social efficiency which would help students prepare for present and future social and occupational roles. It met the needs of mass education, teaching students from poor and…

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