The Night - Original Writing Essay example

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The lights creep into my eye waking me up. My arms were cold and I could feel my hands shaking. All I could smell was the distinct smell a hospital would have. And as my eyes open more I see needles and iv’s hooked to my arm. “It didn’t work” I sighed and tears started running down my cheeks.
My body ached and muscles were weak. I would puke if there was anything in my stomach and the pain in my head was excruciating like someone shot my head with a gun. As I 'm in the room i wonder why I 'm here and not already dead from last night. Last night...the yelling and the drugs and the wonderful euphoria followed by darkness. Then, Out of the corners of my eye I see him get up and walk toward me and all I want to do is tear him up.
“What the fuck are you doing here! Get out! GET OUT!” I couldn 't believe he had the nerve to show up again after last night
“Liza calm down. You 're going to hurt yourself more. I just didn 't want something bad to happen"
“Oh shut up.before you left me, you told me to die and left me alone and well look what happened; Something bad. And how did I get in here. How did you get in here !” I yelled angrily.
“The nurse let me in... Liza I didn 't mean any of that. That s why I came back to apologize and when I found you... Well when I found you, you were unconscious, I called 911. I care about you still Liza. And what you 're doing to yourself, sleeping with strangers to get your next fix is gonna ruin your life.
I couldn 't believe what he just said now.…

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