The Night - Original Writing Essay

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“Hey, can I see you sometime, maybe outside school.” He asked, his eyes shining with earnest.
“Yeah I’ll love too.” She smiled, he smiled back and they started staring at each other again.
“Oh my god! Let’s go we’re going to be late.” Bianca sighed again, and tugged at her arm again until she started moving down the hall.”

“So… Tom why are in my “happy place”?” She asked turning back to me, she had a small smile upon her face, but her eyes were shining.
“Please don’t call me that, but I just want to bring you here while we wait. Let’s look at another.” I held out my hand and she took it, the setting went dark.

The memory changed, Anastasia and I watched as we came to a beach, it just set at dusk, the sky was starting to fill with stars, no moon tonight but the wind was fresh, cool but cold. The only light that illuminated the setting was the magnificent bonfire, the flames reaching up towards the sky trying to reach those stars that are so far away. There was a group of people milling around it, people were talking to each other enjoying the warmth that the fire brings them. Though there was a couple, sitting side-by-side, leaning up against a piece of driftwood. They were close together, talking quietly.

“We were together for about 5 years at that moment.” Anastasia smiled, “I was so happy, we were both so happy.” She has a whimsical look in her eye, she turned back to look at herself with her love. “I wish I can go back and relive this moment forever. Is that what…

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