Essay on The Night - Original Writing

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Jim got up from his chair and walked to the doorway where the repairmen were finishing the door replacement. “Nice work.” He told them.
“Thank you, sir.” The older one replied as he was adjusting the door 's latching mechanism.
“Next time I 'll use the card.” Jim jokingly told the younger man who was bent down, picking up the old pieces of the door and frame, as he lightly patted him on his shoulder. The younger man looked at Jim and smiled.
Jim walked up to his door and started to use his swipe card which he didn 't have. Knocking lightly twice on his door, he waited for no more than ten seconds before the Mary opened the door.
“Thank you.” She told him as he walked in.
“So? Tell me.” He asked. “ What happened in your room? With Sarge, I mean.”
“I was just starting my shower when I heard him in my room.” She said.
“He was in the bathroom with you?” Jim asked.
“No. My hotel room, while I was in the shower.”
“So? What happened next?”
“I wrapped myself in the towel and got out of the shower.” She said. “I picked up my gun, off of the bathroom vanity, and I walked out to see who it was.”
“Gutsy move!” Jim told her. “Then what?”
I opened the bathroom doorway and pointed my gun at him.”
“Yeah… Then?”
“He wanted to know why we were here and what we wanted.” She told him.
“And?” Jim asked. “What did you say?”
“I wasn 't sure what to tell him.” She paused for a second. “When he saw my pistol pointed at him, he looked both startled and disappointed.” She explained. “Ever since the…

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