The Night - Original Writing Essay

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They had landed in a cotton field. In the distance was a farmhouse. Dogs were barking, they always did. Staying under the cover of the field, they waited. The dogs kept barking. The squad wasn’t sure if they had picked up on their scent.
Lights in the house came on as the door opened. Standing in the doorway was an armed man. They all felt concerned that the man may have detected them. Then again, that weapon might have been to frighten away an animal disturbing his dogs.
Looking through his night vision glasses Tank saw him clearly in the green light. He was carrying an AK-47. Then again, numerous people had possession of those. It was not necessarily a sign that he was an armed insurgent.
By the time, he turned around Joker already had him in the sights of his sniper rifle. He waited for Tank, to give him a series of ranges in case other targets needed neutralizing.
Tank lifted his hand in a fist. It meant to hold, do nothing, and remain silent. After a short time, the man returned inside.
The squad moved off at a snail’s pace toward the west. They needed to find a suitable place for an Observation Post. Creeping along the edge of the field a splash of water broke the silence. Meatwagon had slipped into an irrigation canal. Wading out of the chest-high water, Digger helped him up the bank. They somehow needed to slide around that canal.
Tank knew that Syria had a devastating drought that began in 2006. This forced the majority of farmers to abandon their fields and migrate…

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