The Night - Original Writing Essay

1693 Words Oct 7th, 2015 7 Pages
BOOM, CRACK, RUMBLE! Lightning danced across the shadows as if it were playing hide-and-go-seek. The malevolent sounds of a fast and approaching storm woke me from my fairytale dream. I was a child, afraid of storms and the mysteries of the night. Already awake, I glided for the lights and flicked the switch. Nothing. High winds and powerful rain had created a power outage. I was scared and ran straight to my bed and hid underneath the covers. My fists clenched the blankets so hard over my head, that my knuckles began to throb. That’s when I heard the noise, a slow, creaking moan of our wooden steps, screaming from the weight of the beholder. I opened one eye and peered over the covers. All I saw was a flicker of light and it’s reflection off the wall. This was the end, a killer was stalking it’s prey and I was the prey. It entered my room and I began to shake. Through the darkness, I heard a low, soothing voice say it was going to be alright. The covers were slowly drawn back and the warmth of the softest hand reassured me. It was no killer. It was my mom. My mother has shown nothing but love and compassion for me, but I take that for granted. We don’t always see eye to eye, yet we find a way to become closer to each other than we were before. My mom has done numerous deeds to prove her worth to me, but there is one incident that kindled a bond purer than gold itself. I was old enough to like girls but young enough to cry. I was ten years old when I awoke gasping for…

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