The Night - Original Writing Essay

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“He used to send us letters all the time, and we would open them. It would let us know he was okay, but then one day they just stopped. We were playing in the living room with the wooden toy planes dad gave us before he left again, just me and Jane; my younger sister. Momma was in the kitchen cooking dinner on the stove next to all of the letters dad had sent before; which momma tied off with a piece of twine. Everything was going good until the doorbell rang. Jane and I let momma get the door not thinking anything about what could be on the other side. As she opened the door, the room went silent and momma fell to the floor, weeping.. Jane started to get up and run to her but I wouldn’t let her. As I held her back from running to momma, I was also holding back my tears for on the floor beside momma was a yellow slip of paper she had dropped which only meant one thing. Dad was killed in action. From that time forward March 6th, 1987 was the saddest day we’d ever experienced and the most dreaded day we’d ever have.
As time passed things got easier and we received more information about our dads death. It was February 27th, 1987 when a bomb exploded in the field, and moments later a second bomb exploded. It had been a few hours after the bomb had exploded and people were still searching for any survivors. Finally someone found him and brought him to the hospital located at the army base. He was doing well and kept getting worse and on February 28th, 1987, he was…

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