Essay about The Night - Original Writing

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I was awakened from my nap by the sweet aroma of pecan pie and the screeching of the old swing in the backyard. No one used that tire swing since I had last seen my. I ran down the dimly lit corridor to the front porch tripping over my own feet. There was a man seated on the swing with his back to me. He appeared to be in deep thought, staring out across the fields of corn and tomatoes eliminated by the sunset. An eerie silence filled the air, there was a stranger on my father’s swing, in my backyard. My mind was engrossed in a game of tug-a-war; should I call the cops or confront the intruder? I cautiously rounded the swing, as my feet took over, to see this mystery man’s face. I turned to look in the hazel eyes of my father. I stood face to face with a man that left me anxiously waiting for ice cream twenty years ago. He stared at me with a mask of frustration, defeat, and I responded with a mix of anger and sadness.
The water works immediately commenced. I cried the same tears that I had shed for twenty years. I wanted to run from him, the pain but my feet stayed put. We were in a staring battle, not a word was spoken the only noises were from the crickets and the cornstalks blowing in the wind. Darkness began to surround us. The familiar scent of his Aqua Velva cologne invaded my nostrils as he stood from the swing to walk towards me. Before he could get close, I began to run towards my house. Tripping over the garden hose, my tear streaked face was planted in the dirt.…

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