Essay about The Night - Original Writing

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Marty walked closer to the fence. The voice had gone inside. She eased open the latch to the gate and stepped onto the walk. She stood on the narrow pavement that led to the porch where the voice came from. “What in the world was she doing here,” Marty thought to herself. This could easily be a home that harbored a serial killer. They lived in houses that looked exactly like these. She’d seen them on those investigative report series.
The creepy house stared back.
Strong palpitations that plagued her for years were now basically nonstop, causing her breath to come in spurts. She shook her head to clear her thoughts. She had practiced enough karate moves on her exercise tapes to take very good care of herself. As she cracked her neck and with her hand tucked behind her back—she balled her fist hard, taking on the fight position. The adrenaline rush quickly replaced the heart palpitations. She’d made up her mind. She was going to beat the shoes off anything that looked like they wanted to mess with her.
The voice came to the door again. “Come on in,” it gargled.
Marty slowly climbed the steps towards the porch, never relaxing the hand that would ultimately deliver the killer blow.
The door swung open and there stood, the voice.
Marty gasped. She wore a thin nightgown on her slim 4’11’’ frame, a multicolored scarf tied around her head and pink fuzzy house shoes that overpowered her feet…she appeared to be around 70ish.
“Are you coming in or what?” the…

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