The Night - Original Writing Essay

1177 Words Apr 4th, 2016 null Page
Though I was anxious to escape to the one place where I felt safe, there was a fire building up inside me I didn’t necessarily want to extinguish. It was a fire of hatred, telling me to take revenge on those four who’d trapped me in that black coffin. There was a part of me that almost wished I could be there to see their faces when they show up to find the room is empty.
That’s when I had a brilliant idea for my revenge: I’d go back, blow up the room I’d been trapped in and make them think I’m dead! But how would I get back there and do all that without being suspected or caught? Surely anyone I asked for a ride would be suspicious if, after dropping off a hitchhiker in Poughkeepsie, a building is blown up, wouldn’t they? Or would I have luck on my side and they’d just brush it off as coincidence?
Emma’s voice broke into my thoughts, stealing me back to Earth where we were parked in front of my brownstone apartment building. My thoughts of revenge were still with me, but I set them aside for now as I stared up at the building with its red brick façade, narrow windows and gardens in the sky. Once my tear-filled eyes landed on my mom’s daisies peeking over the edge of her black planter a big smile spread across my face that told me I would pay more attention to those flowers, because they meant I was home – it was like they were greeting me before I even stepped into the building.
“Do you want me to go with you?” Emma asked.
I nodded, and a stray tear fell down my…

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