The Night - Original Writing Essays

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For a while the rain had started coming down pretty hard, and as I peered out through the windows I could see that although it wasn’t as bad as the last storm had been, it had the potential. It had grown pretty potent even in its early stages and was already strong enough to get all the trees in the yard and in the forest dancing and swaying their limbs back-and-forth like a bunch of middle-aged hippies at an Enya concert. Over the next ten-minutes or so I watched as the storm grew increasingly violent, and it had completely captivated my attention up until when the phone in the kitchen suddenly rang out and my mama (Who was still in the kitchen preparing dinner.) had then answered it. She had picked it up on the third ring after drying her wet hands on towel and then gave the person on the other end a chipper, “Hello.” She then paused as she listened to whoever it was on the other end speak. I hadn’t paid much interest until after I had heard her gasp, which was then quickly followed by, “Oh my God.” which had then really gotten my attention. She then said in a shaky voice, “Is he alright, what happened?” Then there was another long pause as she listened to whoever it was that had called give her more information. By this time I had gotten up and had walked into the kitchen where I stood next to her while my eavesdropping mind began to race. I watched my mama as her face began to turn crimson and her eyes grew imbued with moisture, and I knew right away…

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