The Night - Original Writing Essay

1512 Words May 20th, 2016 null Page
The shrill buzzing of the alarm clock startled Adrian and he fell from his bed landing on the ground. As he lay on the cold, hard floor, the warm glow of the sun gave him a sense of relief after experiencing a devilish nightmare. It seemed no matter how many times he dreamt it; it still terrified him.
He glanced over at Mario 's bed it was made Adrian fixed his sheets and got ready making sure that he would be on time for his first day.
* * * He entered his first class, which was quite large, scanning the lecture hall for a place to sit, but did not recognize anyone. Then, he caught a glimpse of Mario seated near the front and he made his way over. "Hey man, didn 't mean to leave you hanging, but I wanted to get the front. I’ve got to get at least a C in every class if I want to get out of this predicament." Mario was bright eyed and bushy tailed whereas he felt as if he had been run over. "It’s all good." Adrian dropped the pencil he withdrew from his book bag at the sight of Hadrea, approaching him. She wore a low cut white, cotton blouse and shorts, showing off her long, toned legs. "It must be fate. I had no idea you had this class." She giggled as she took a seat next to him. Mario nudged him. Adrian could smell the sweet cherry scent of her perfume as he scooped up his pencil and locked eyes with her. She gave him a warm smile. "Speak of the devil." Mario remarked, Adrian 's eyes moved to the door and to his dismay, he spotted the two guys they had gotten into…

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