The Night Of Terror - Original Writing

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The bright, clean white stars twinkle in the pitch black sky on a Saturday night. The tree’s shadows were blocking the rough brown wood which was clearly visible in the day, the time when the sun smiles in happiness when he see the children play, study and learn. The crickets were singing happily in the union, but another sound dominated theirs singing like a dictator controlling a citizen. It was my scream; my scream of terror. I screamed from remembering myself seeing one object which was not anything familiar. It was something which modified my memory to make it stuck with me forever. I did not forget what led to this happening. I had remembered the beginning. The sun had dropped like gravity pulling down on a spherical ball and the moon rose up like a balloon which was let go and brought sadness to the owner of that balloon. The clean white stars were twinkling outside in the pitch black, disconsolate sky, but it was a different story inside my house, which had bright lights on and cheerful people like me. I was jumping for joy. I am big now because I am in Kindergarten, I thought. My thought soon changed when I thought about how my feet look when I jump with the curious mind of mine. I looked behind myself and saw my feet hover in the air for less than a second, which I thought was really cool, Woah. There was a reason why I had been jumping for joy, and it was because we were going to watch a movie, my favorite movie. I slowly stopped jumping and then had stopped

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