The News Station Is Going Insane Essay example

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The news station is going insane, people are screaming, buildings are being torn apart, tsunamis, volcanos, and avalanches are occurring, what on earth is going on? An earthquake is officially happening and it is beginning to demolish everything above Earth 's surface. The earliest ever recorded evidence of an earthquake occurred in the Shandong province of China in 1831 B.C. ("Earthquake Facts"). It is said that Aristotle stated that soft ground shakes more than hard rock in an earthquake in 350 B.C. ("Earthquake Facts"). The interior of Antarctica has ice quakes, but occur within the ice sheet, instead of the land beneath the ice ("Earthquake Facts"). John Michell, a British engineer, was the first person to correctly state the cause of an actual earthquake in 1760 ("Earthquake Facts"). There are even earthquakes that occur on the moon, called moonquakes, but they happen less frequently and have lower magnitudes than the ones here on Earth ("Earthquake Facts"). All these appealing factors show that earthquakes are one of the most fascinating natural disasters on Earth because of their characteristics, what causes them, and the damages they cause. Earthquakes have many special features that make them such a unique destructible force on the face of this Earth. They are known as Earth 's natural way of releasing stress ("Earthquakes"). They are a sudden vibration of the Earth 's crust (Fronabarger). They occur close to where two tectonic plates meet ("Earthquake").…

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