The New World : A Mysterious Place With Vast Land And Riches Galore

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The New World was a mysterious place with vast land and riches galore. This mysterious land, became the Promised Land to many Europeans with the dream of owning land, becoming wealthy, and having freedom to do as they wished. Therefore, many decided to take the long voyage across the Atlantic Ocean. What they did not realize was their lives would never be the same as before and what they had thought was the Promised Land actually became a place of devastation and enslavement to the majority of those who sought after this promise of land ownership, wealth and freedom. The first colony that England tried to establish was the Roanoke Colony in 1587, but since they were unprepared for the environment and the hard work that it took to establish a colony, most of them died of starvation and illness. This however, did not stop England from continuing to send over settlers, they wanted a piece, or rather as we will see control and ownership of all off the Promised Land. Eventually, their Jamestown Colony in Virginia survived and became successful. Their successfulness is owed to Captain John Smith who made everyone work and to the Indians who helped the settlers learn to hunt and farm. The success of the colony was very pleasing to Britain and they established it as a Royal Colony. In the beginning, this was alright with the colonists, but soon things would change. Britain began to flex its power and felt that they were the Supreme Power over the New World, which was sure to cause…

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