The New Peaceful Institution Of The Slave Economy Essay examples

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Entry 4
What did the Peculiar Institution consist of? The new peaceful institution-like nation had cotton as the main crop and social classes with the rise of wealth. However, the whites still supported slavery, with the north leading in the slave economy. Mixed reactions evolved towards the abolition of slavery, but most of the whites supported it and loved owning slaves. By 1860, the number of free blacks was almost half a million. The freed slaves exercised their African culture including religion. However, the un-freed slaves held constant rebellions and resistance to fight for their freedom. For instance, they silently sabotaged operations, killing their masters and escapes. In 1839, several slaves escaped while on transit to Amistad. Slave revolts were also experienced in sugar plantations in Louisiana, New Orleans, and South Carolina, the greatest uprising being Nat Turner 's rebellion of 1831.
Entry 5
Between the years of 1820-1840, what was the Age of Reform all about? The Age of Reforms began by the formation of reform communities such as Shakers, Mormons, and the Oneidas. The reforms were also associated with religious values that later attracted criticisms from non-believers. Opposing whites began building asylums where they could hold the roaming free slaves who interfered with them. Consequently, crusades against slavery were initiated, through the formation of societies, and seeking political support to aid abolition of slavery. Abolitionists held campaigns…

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