The New Orleans French Quarter Essay

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If one were to take a walking tour of the New Orleans French Quarter, they would noticed an abundance of architecture unique to the American landscape. This variety in style can be credited to both Spanish and French influences that occupied the area in colonial American times. In 1803, however, governance of this territory was handed over to the United States of America in a trade deal with Napoleon and the French occupants.
The Louisiana Purchase is studied in United States History as one of the largest real-estate deals our nation has encountered, and while this is the case, some truths behind this monumental transaction have been omitted from factual knowledge. Many Americans are taught of Thomas Jefferson and his plan to carry out the Louisiana Purchase, and while Jefferson was the president at the time of the proclamation, his role in the purchase itself was in fact very minor. Rather than Thomas Jefferson being the pioneering politician surrounding the Louisiana Purchase, another statesmen, Robert R. Livingston lead the way to the treaty between Napoleon and the United States to gain control of the once ruled Spanish territory. By analyzing Jefferson’s speeches, research journals on Livingston, and the general history of the Louisiana Purchase, it can be revealed that Jefferson did not hold a significant importance in the transaction of the territory, but rather only simply initiated it due to fear. Due to this lack of involvement throughout the purchasing process,…

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