The New Jim Crow, By Michelle Alexander Essay

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Michelle Alexander in her book "The New Jim Crow" argues that Mass Incarceration has regenerated laws similar to Jim Crow; Alexander believes these caste systems such as Jim Crow and slavery are similar to the existing system of mass incarceration. In addition, Alexander alleges the U.S. criminal justice system laws undividedly target African Americans through the War on Drugs and racial control. In comparing mass incarceration with Jim Crow, Alexander points to compelling parallels regarding political disenfranchisement and legalized discrimination, but her comparison regarding symbolic production of a race weakens her argument. Alexander, moreover, effectively offers a rebuttal to the counterargument that the New Jim Crow does not carry the same level of racial hostility as the Old Jim Crow. The New Jim Crow is a book by Michelle Alexander that discusses similarities between Mass Incarceration and Jim Crow arguing that the U.S. criminal justice system has created laws targeted to African Americans. Alexander argues that Mass incarceration works as a “new caste system” that in relation to Jim Crow is still segregating and discriminating people of color by labeling as criminals. First of all, Alexander effectively points to a parallel between Jim Crow and mass incarceration regarding political disenfranchisement, she believes that Jim Crow laws created obstacles to deny African Americans the right to vote, as mass incarceration has targeted African Americans that have…

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