Essay on The New Jim Crow : A Civil Rights Lawyer

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In the New Jim Crow; Michelle Alexander who is a civil rights lawyer; has devoted her life and Career. She is fighting the racial injustice in the U.S. criminal justice system and influences the public understanding about the War on Drugs and its devastating consequences for the entire nation. Eventually, Alexander calls for an end to the War on Drugs because “there is no path to Liberation for communities; who are permanently Barred by law and custom from mainstream society” (13). This ongoing war” (220). She creates a high caliber of this crises; by explaining contemporary mass incarceration as a form of racialized social control that creates an underclass (caste) “a lower caste of individuals. Two million African Americans are presently under the criminal-justice system, in prison, or on probation. The past few decades, millions of more people have been in and out of the System. To be 100 percent; nearly 70 percent of people released from prison are re-arrested within three years. Most people appreciate that millions of African Americans were locked into a second-class status during slavery and Jim Crow. These earlier systems of racial control made a legacy of Political, social, and economic discrimination that this nation is still haven’t overcome. This non-ending; disturbing issue to this day; has a widely effect on families and communities. The harm is greatly increased when Prisoners are released.

In this way, a new racial under law has been created a…

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