Essay on The New Ending Of The Great Gatsby

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In the new ending of The Great Gatsby, the reader will finish page 139, and then begin to read a new finished version. This new version gives a completely different ending to the audience, and gives them a happy ending, which everyone loves.

"Oh, you want too much!" She cried to Gatsby. “I loved Tom at one point in time, but that doesn 't change the fact that I have always loved you, Gatsby."

Tom looked at his wife and was beyond shocked. He could not understand not getting his way, so he was left completely startled. “Daisy you’re not being serious" he said with utter sincerity.

"Yes Tom, I am. How could I possibly be in love with the man who doesn 't even seem to care about me? You have been seeing a lady for who knows how long, with no regard to my feelings. How could this be love? We fell out of love a long time ago."

Everyone in the room was dead silent. Jordan and I looked back and forth between the three. Tom looked angry with disgust. Daisy seemed somewhat sad, but mostly relieved. Gatsby looked completely joyous. The silence didn 't last long enough and soon Gatsby spoke up.

“Your wife does not love you anymore, and she doesn’t want to be with you either. She wants to be with me, old sport.”

“Don’t you tell me what Daisy wants and doesn’t want. I am her husband, and she is not leaving me for some bootlegger like you!” He yelled out.

Their argument was soon interrupted by Daisy. “Both of you stop!” She said to the men. “This is my decision to make, not…

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