The New Economic Cycle Of The Civil War Essay

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With bloodshed and ashes burning forever in memory from the Civil War, came the Gilded Age of economic prosperity and great migration in the North and West of America. The United States in the late 19th century became successful and an impactful powerhouse due to the expedited industrialization. Railroads, mining, and factories offered numerous opportunities for labor, creating labor unions and migration to increase. The new economic cycle brought the market to be flooded with lower prices so everything had to be cutthroat. These opportunities made America look extremely attractive to people from different countries like Italy, Russia, Germany, Ireland, and China. Business owners thought of new ideas to become organized to help each other; furthermore, it would divide up the market place so they are not competing with everyone, which then led to the National Corporation. For instance, a select few of jubilant business owners went to the top like John D. Rockefeller with oil and Andrew Carnegie with steel. Although they were prosperous, some of their ways were unfair and fraud; moreover, it was said that John D. Rockefeller bribed politicians to influence his views. At this age, labor was being given to immigrants compared to native born Americans since immigrants work for less causing tensions with those groups. The Gilded Age influenced Chinese immigrants to migrate to the United States and African Americans to migrate from the South to the North due to the new economic…

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