Essay on The New Deal During The Great Depression

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During the Great Depression the president of the United States issued a series of acts called “the new deal”. The new deal was a series of acts that were made to create jobs for U.S citizens, such as the building of the Hoover dam, the building of many houses and work complexes. But there was one giant down to this deal, for the deal to happen they had to get the money from somewhere so the president, FDR slashed military spending so one question came up, and it was did the new deal help or hurt the U.S during the Great Depression?

On March 4th, 1933 president franklin Delano Roosevelt issued a speech in Washington’s capital plaza. That speech was to announce the new deal. But before the new deal was ever signed the United States was in chaos with the Great Depression. People were losing their jobs loosing there home they couldn 't afford food for most families. During this time the United states was weak so what any good president would do they would try to bring the U.S back. The president at the time which was franklin Roosevelt, signed a series of acts that were supposed to create jobs and take the USA out of the Depression and makes it one of the world’s super countries that deal was called the new deal. For the coming years the citizens of the U.s would have work to do such as the building of work complexes and the building of the Hoover dam. But the deal would come with some major issues. For the deal to go out and for people to have jobs again the money had to…

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