The New Challenger Hire Essay

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Jazmin Ramirez
John Bradley
2014DES SOS-110-OL010
February 14, 2015
The New Challenger Hire UPS is hiring more account executives yearly as we begin to prepare for the mass retirement of leadership over the next 5 years. Their There are plans to soon begin the consolidation of all sales resources of UPS Small Parcel, UPS Freight, and UPS Supply Chain Solutions. That being said, there needs to be more focused training to support added responsibility of cross selling between networks. New paragraph? Globalization, as well, has added new challenges to the sales force over the last decade and technology is enabling our customers to need more than the normal added value of solutions. We continue to search for ways to create value and
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This creates positive tension that will make you more valuable as a consultant. This model is enabling many Oklahoma sales people to add value by giving commercial insight. When doors are shutting we are can now build new ones. The Challenger Sale training model will be the basis of all of UPS sales resources. Creating this mindset will keep behaviors engaged while learning the rest of our UPS Portfolio, as well as, incorporating our other sales training of DPS and SSN. Instead of sending our people to training for six weeks and learning too much at once, we can begin with creating a new mindset and keeping them with the rest of their team. After they are acclimated with the mindset, then, the rest of the UPS training can be broken down in to several phases. Perhaps a similar model as I will proceed may be a great strategy for future trainings of new hires. interesting Oklahoma City Team has now gone through this challenger beta and our team of seven has now perfected a way to teach others within the district along with the new hires. It began as a three week training with our group and with tweaking and consolidating of chapters it can now be positioned as a week with online reading materials and audio with only one day of collaborative work. Shortening the Challenger Model Training will prove to remain effective by only having those travel in for one

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