The New Black By Laverne Cox And Janet Mock Essay

1346 Words Dec 7th, 2015 6 Pages
In the news lately, stories surrounding the transgender community are headlined all over the place. The writer’s emotions in these articles and stories seem to range from negative to supportive and just about anything in between. Imagine being a transgender individual and seeing articles upon articles about what’s wrong with you and why you don’t fit into the culture you have fought to prove your self-worth to. Constantly feeling like your voice has been muted for far too long, just to have these progressions shut down in the blink of an eye; to see people still keeping the same sense of mind that you are not valid, at least not like them. Amazing individuals such as Laverne Cox and Janet Mock are a beacon of light to those struggling with their genders. To see such accomplished and proud women paving the way in their fields, becoming modern icons to a generation. Laverne Cox is an actress and LGBT activist best known for her character in the show “Orange Is the New Black”. Despite being busy with acting, she travels around the country to different universities and speaks to crowds about the importance of trans acceptance. Janet Mock an author, TV host, transgender activist, and magazine editor. Just like Cox, she travels around the country to speak about transgender rights and her story. Both of them have faced backlash for not being “real women” by those who do not agree in the validity of their genders. Even now, the third link down when you google “Laverne Cox” is an…

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