The Negro Church Today By E. Franklin Frazier Essay

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Exam 1

In this essay I will be referring to the article, The Negro Church in America written by E. Franklin Frazier. I will be comparing the evolution and function of the Black Church in America with Emile Durkheim’s and Marx’s Theories of religion. I will do this by first providing the background of the African slaves that led to their loss of cultural identity. I will also describe both Emile Durkheim’s and Karl Marx’s theories of religion individually. After this I will describe the evolution and function of the Black Church in America with each of their theories and also how I believe they would react to this same article if they were alive today to read it. First, I will provide information on the African Background that leads into the history of how their religion and culture has evolved. Many people don’t realize that in Africa there are many distinct cultures and languages. When the African people were brought to America there was no regard to them as humans by the Slave holders. This mistreatment was only the beginning that led into the immense loss of African culture. In the early on plantations there would be only a small number of slaves with almost none of the slaves speaking the same language. If there were by chance slaves that spoke the same language or were from the same tribe there were more than likely separated by their slave owners to furthermore destroy their culture.

Now that I have talked about the African Background I will next introduce the…

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