The Negative Speech: A Speech About Modern-Day Slavery

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Speech About Modern-Day Slavery

Human trafficking is a sugarcoated word for modern-day slavery. It happens everywhere, and to everyone. It is still not a topic that world leaders discuss today because they do not see it as a big issue, but unfortunately it is bigger than we think.
Children, at the age of seven get married off to older men, because sometimes their family sees the girl as a burden or they need money to feed their other family members. Most of the children get sold from one man or woman to another. That is one of the reasons why we need to fright poverty together because without poverty no one will be thinking about selling their own flesh and blood, so they have an acres to feed other family members, Some of the children can
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Trafficking does not only happen to children, it happens to older men and women too. Men and women who want to feed their family. It happens to transsexual people, because their family thinks that they are a burden and a shame to their family, because their “choice” is not a “phase” which many people think it is. That is why we need to fight and stand together for a good education, because we have to educate people and let them know about these issues. What is happening to transsexuals and people being sold is beyond disgusting. The other day, in Egypt, some girls were beat up, gang raped and kidnapped just because they are transsexuals. That is only one of the reasons to why we need equal …show more content…
In reality it is actually one of the biggest crimes we have and it happens to so many people who do dare to talk loudly about it since no one will believe them. Human trafficking happens in Europe. A lot of young kids run away from their home because they are kids and sometimes they get angry because they are not allowed a certain thing, or they are not allowed to be a part of something so they think that running away will solve the problem. That does not make them the problem, but the victim. We all know the feeling when you really want to belong, but yet you are being vulnerable that is what traffickers are pried on. It does not matter if it is an older man wanting to feed his family or a child who ran away from home. That is what they pry on, and that is what makes the victim the

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