The Negative Effects Of Standardized Testing In The Education System

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A typical student takes 112 mandated standardized tests between PreKindergarten and twoefth grade. Standardized testing is a form of testing used by our education system to measure the success of our school system’s students and faculty. The use of these tests became mandatory in 2002 as part of the No Child Left Behind Act. Although there are some individuals who support these tests, many parents, students, and teachers experience the negative effects each year. There was a time when these tests were not mandated and there is minimal difference in end of year grades and graduation rates between then and now. The only thing that is different is how students adapt to life and their contributions to society. They are not equipped with the knowledge …show more content…
The terrible effects of standardized testing preperation brings turmoil into households across the nation. With all the chaos, parents search for the positive light to shed on the whole fiasco but there are little facts that prove their is anything positive that develops from these mandations. Standardized testing fails to positively impact a student’s grades, education level, or contribution to society. In fact, student grades have declined tremendously since NCLB was established.

In 2011, National Reasearch Council conducted a report stating their is no evidence that test-based incentive programs are working. U.S. schools have dropped 14 spots to rank 31st in Math and Science testing from 2000 to 2009. Finland tops the international education rankings and has no standardized testing. With all the evidence provided, where is the logic behind this mandation? Since the NCLB, children are continually being left behind. They are being cheated of becoming a self sufficient contributor to
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Past experience diminishes that belief as the creators of the tests are notoriously known for making scoring errors. Essay questions are graded by temporary workers with no educational training. A report by the Annenberg Institute for School Reform reported in 2010 that over 17 percent of Houston, TX teachers ranked top on one test but ranked the lowest two on another with the same curriculum. Many studies suggest that 75 percent of what is on a standardized test is not even supposed to be covered within the school year. How can a student be evaluated for their performance on a test that has content not even being tought to

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