The Negative Effects Of Globalization On Human Rights

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Globalization Discussion Assignment 2
Globalization has impacted human rights worldwide first by making human rights violations more visible. As the advent and development of technology has continued its march across time, it has also increased visibility of not only all the different varieties of humankind, but also the abuses that are perpetrated against individuals and groups. Even the dawn of a common idea and vision of human rights can be attributed to globalization, mainly, a globalized world in the midst of war. In World War II, it is possible to see globalization both negatively and positively contributing to human rights. For example, German Nazis used both technological advances and the connection of the globe to advance their propaganda against the Jewish peoples, as well as exterminating massive amounts of them in a very
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12). This is the negative effect of globalization, where people are enabled to do more harm on a greater scale. The positive of this was that the world, near the end and after the war, saw the level of atrocities that had been committed to the Jewish peoples, as well as others, and were so horrified that they created a new set of laws through the United Nations to protect people by law from those that would harm them, at least as much as possible (Human Rights, 2016, pg. 3). A more recent brief example would be the atrocities in Rwanda. This too is a double edged sword. Globalization inflamed the conflict, as Belgium, a colonial power, placed one ethnic group over another, but it also caused the conflict that erupted and the massacre that followed to be broadcasted to the whole world at the time, which made the conflict and atrocities

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