The Negative Effects Of Female Genital Mutilation On Human Rights

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Another form of violence towards women that violates their human rights, is the the negative response that females get once they report their sexual assault to authorities. This is not an overt and physical form of violence, but it is more psychological, in that it ignores the victims and their pleas for help. Often, in sexual assaults cases, there is a poor response from social institutions, that often results in the perpetrators of sexual assaults being set free, and this is largely due to ideologies of female subordination and male domination within society (190).
Less than 10% of female sexual assault victims report their assault to the police, this is often due to the fear of being discriminated against by the very social systems that
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This example is extremely important as it is a form of violence that causes physical pain for a woman’s entire life. Female genital mutilation is also gender specific form of discrimination, in that these women are being violated and punished simply because of the fact that they are women, and this is an extreme abuse of a woman’s human rights (course pack article). The World Health Organization defines female genital mutilation to be any procedure that removes a part or the entire external genitalia of a woman, or any purposeful injury to a female’s genital organs, that has no medical necessity (other fgm article). There is evidence that suggest that although female genital mutilation is an outdated and illegal practice in Canada, many families still partake in this extreme violation of human rights (course pack article). So while this practice might seem unlikely to happen in modernized countries, it still occurs, and it still violates the human rights of women in first world countries. Female genital mutilation is an absolute human rights violation that has long term and detrimental medical effects for women that undergo this procedure (other article). Consequences of female genital mutilation can include infection, difficulties later in life, and death for the millions of girls that are forced to undergo this procedure (violence against women article, 189). Female genital mutilation is an extreme violation of the human rights of women, in that this practice violates a women’s right to be safe and to make her own choices, this practice also physically and mentally tortures women for their entire lives (course pack article). The 2003 Female Mutilation Act recognizes that the genital mutilation of females is a human rights violation, and deems this practice as against international law (other fgm article). Canada is apart of numerous universal human rights

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