The Necessity Of Ethical Practice Essay

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This assignment is going to conceptualise the term, ‘mental health’, and look at what the possible causes, symptoms, medication and therapies could be used to help the mental health of a patient.
There will also so be some detailed knowledge of a complex condition and what treatments and drugs are used to treat this condition. The condition will be, ‘Schizophrenia’. An understanding will be demonstrated of which the implications may be for a clinical practice when working with common Mental Health problems.
Finally I shall be discussing the necessity of ethical practice, particularly through operating in, ‘Multi-disciplinary environments’, ‘such as a prison’. I will appraise my learning from this module and how I shall apply it to practice.
Mental health is a state of mind that effects individual realisations of their own abilities; it’s a condition regarding a person’s psychological and emotional well-being. Mental health works in how we think, feel, and act in normal day to day living. Mental health problems’ cover, worries and grief that the majority of people experience as part of their everyday life to the most serious like, suicidal depression or complete loss of touch with everyday reality. (“Mentalhealth.Gov")
Mental health can affect the lives and well-being of hundreds and thousands of people. The number of people who suffer or have suffered from some form of mental health it is not known. Some professionals in mental health have defined this as ‘a continuum of…

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