The Nazi Party Essay

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messages such as "Vorsicht beim Heizenl Du zerstorst sonst historische Werter ' (Caution with heating! It may destroy historic works!) Posters such as this were hung in noticeable areas throughout the German occupied territories.
Somewhat surprisingly, in light of infamous art theft and persecution of occupied peoples at the hand of the Nazi Party, the German officers of the Kunstschutz were quite successful at maintaining positive relationships with occupied peoples. These positive relationships are most evident with citizens of France. Mettemich disdained the extremism of Nazi ideology and, like other members of the Kunstschutz, believed it was their duty to protect French heritage. The men chosen for the Kunstschutz were typically not members of the Nazi party; instead they were well-known art historians. This was an intentional choice from the German Armed Forces High Command to reduce political tensions between Kunstschutz officers and the local art officials they would be dealing with in occupied countries.
The Kunstschutz "on the whole acted well in protecting monuments and acquired goodwill" in such occupied countries as France, Greece and others.
The Kunstschutz helped French professionals evacuate artworks from threatened public museums and protect them from damage during the German occupation of
France. Many of Mettemich 's actions directly assisted French art officials in several important ways. He guaranteed the Direction des musees, or "Directorate of…

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