The Nature Of Human Beings With Substance Or Behavioral Addictions

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The Nature of Human Beings with Substance or Behavioral Addictions

A person with substance abuse and/or behavioral addictions, in my opinion remains in a perpetual state of crisis, whether they are looking for their substance of choice or working to hide their usage among other things. The thoughts of a person who exists in active addiction are skewed and their views of the world as well as themselves are often very negative. The addict is generally self-destructive with little to no self-esteem. Addicts often find themselves behaving in ways they would not otherwise act like for example- they will steal, lie, cheat, sell their bodies and everything that they own or hold dear. An addict wears a mask that attempts to hide their true selves to the world and also themselves as well. The addict is sick in emotion, thoughts and views of their limited world. Addicts are intelligent people who have effectively lost the will to live life on life’s terms without the abuse of mind altering substances. The addict must be able to learn to supply their habit therefore they employ several different skills in keeping their addictions fed. Redirecting the clients’ focus attention and energy away from substances with a positive reinforcement will be the nucleus of my personal counseling model.
Key Concepts of my Personal Counseling Model
Motivational Interviewing will be an integral segment of this model for the reason that using this tool will open the dialogue between the client…

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