Essay about The Nature And Environment Of The Sculpture

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The Plumb Bob has stood at the atrium of SIUE, at the Goshen Lounge for more than 50 years. It was created by one of the most prestigious and well renowned artists named Yasuhide the year 1967. It was placed in the Goshen Lounge as a graceful decoration of the lounge after its construction was completed. The sculpture sits on a space that was designed to specifically complement the beauty and size of the work of art. The nature and environment of the sculpture allows it to move along with the flow of air, further enhancing its gracefulness and stature. The subject matter of this article is 480 wooden dowels that range in size from diameter differences and length variances. These wooden dowels are strung onto each other through original nylon monofilament pairs. This means that the dowels are strung on a pair of the original nylon monofilament strands. Their arrangement allows them to be attached, a wooden dowel at the end of each strand, permitting them to balance. On seeing the work of art, its essential and vital quality of weightlessness meets the eye. The fact that it’s created from original nylon monofilament pairs gives it a sense of suspension in the air, while still allowing for it to be carried along with air. This presents a sense of gracefulness and creativity. It also looks as if it describes a situation where the matter is taken from the space within which the sculpture stands. The joining elements mimic magnetic forces that pull against each other.…

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