The Native American And Native Americans Essay

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The history of the North American continent started long before the first European explorers landed; however, the arrival of the Europeans changed the dynamic of the continents land and population forever. At the time neither the Europeans nor the Native Americans ever experienced a culture similar to each other’s. The conservative and religious nature of the Europeans contrast to the simple yet effective ways of the Indians. The Europeans settler’s lack of cultural sensitivity and acceptance led to a poor partnership, which in turn reduced the productivity and survivability of the early colonists in the new world. For the purpose of this paper there will be a focus on the English interactions with the Eastern Woodland Indians.
The Native Americans used the land masterfully. In fact, the Indians would burn the brush of the forest to encourage the growth of deer habitats. As put by Jennifer Kenne in her book, Visions of America, “the Eastern Woodlands Indians sought to inhabit the land and to live in dynamic relationship with it.” The Natives did not have a written language, but their religion continued to be pass down generation to generation by stories and tradition. The Native Americans believed in the concept of one superior being whom they called Manitou. They also believed in animism: the belief that all creatures processed a spirit and should be respected.
Before the venture to the New World, Europe underwent a change in culture. The Renaissance brought a new…

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