The National Debt And Deficit Spending Essay

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The United States has had a tremendous problem with their national debt over the years because they repeatedly borrow money for funding programs, paying off other debts, or to increase spending on military. Moreover, the United States government continuously borrows money they do not have, and this makes the future uncertain for the government and citizens too. Future generations will pay off the debt because there is no other way to obtain money unless the government borrows more or taxes the citizens higher. The national debt is also connected to deficit spending, a budget surplus, and a balanced budget. Spending and budgets affect the national debt immensely but in different ways. Spending raises the debt while a budget attempts to stabilize the debt. The national debt and deficit spending are detrimental to society and the country. On the other side, a budget surplus and balanced budget can help manage the debt or lower it too. Each of these scenarios, national debt, deficit spending, a budget surplus, and a balanced budget, have pros and cons.
The national debt is how much money one country has borrowed over time. The government borrows money for various reasons like programs, projects, bailouts of companies, and more. As the government borrows more money, this increases the national debt. Furthermore, a high national debt is bad for the country and citizens. As the debt rises, the interest rate will rise too. Thus, a con of the national debt is the private sector will…

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