Essay about The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

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Ladies, gentlemen and chairperson, please indulge me for a moment and imagine this scenario. Everybody is looking at you intently. You look down at your shaking hands, which hold the palm cards that you have recited a billion times before in front of the mirror. As your hands and legs begin to tremble, you contemplate your options: one, you can straighten up and get through the speech or two, you can drop the cards and flee. Ladies and gentlemen, each and every day we are faced with manageable obstacles or for better words, invisible boundaries. However, each and every day, individuals face invisible boundaries presented in complex situations. I ask you this ladies and gentlemen: did you ever think invisible boundaries would be found in domestic violent relationships, depression and the workforce?

The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence recorded that every 9 seconds in the U.S a woman is assaulted or beaten. Unfortunately, these women will all face at least one invisible barrier. Whether it be embarrassment, fear or family stability; the majority of these women will not leave these poisonous domestic violent relationships because of these invisible boundaries. In 2005, the Australian Bureau of Statistics surveyed 16,400 individuals over the age of 18 concluding that 64% of women who have experienced domestic violence did not report it to the police. Regrettably, fear is the invisible boundary prohibiting these women in escaping their violent relationships. When…

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