The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence Essay examples

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What goes on behind closed doors is a secret. Many times the secrets are dangerous and filled with violence and sadness. Domestic violence and abuse is an age-old problem seems to be growing each day. One turns to the Internet to seek help, advice, and understanding, but then how reliable is the site that has been chosen? The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (http:/ is a great website to seek the information one may need based on the authority, objectivity and currency. "The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV) is the voice of victims and survivors" (NCADV). When one is evaluating "Authority, objectivity, and currency are some of the most solid criteria available for one to evaluate a website "(Grand Canyon University, n.d.). When evaluating, who is the authority of a site or article, many questions should be asked. Can the author of the site or article be contacted? In this particular case, the author, which is an organization can be contacted through email, phone, and fax. Everyone who is affiliated with this website has some type of degree either a business degree to Ph.D., a psychotherapist, and even lawyers. The audiences they are trying to reach are victims of domestic violence. The website wants to help anyone who is a victim, or can help educate anyone who can advocate for others on behalf of past or future victims.
Dr. Kathleen Rager, (2003) an assisting professor of Adult Education at the University of
Oklahoma wrote "In…

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